Trump criticizes others for supporting Libyan intervention even though he supported the same thing in 2011.

Posted on 2017-05-06 Category:Donald Trump



In 2011, Trump supported military intervention in Libya. In 2016, Trump harshly criticized everyone who supported intervention in Libya, while denying he ever took such a position.


In 2011, Trump released a video statement passionately urging the US to go into Libya and remove it’s leader, Gadaffi. He stated there was terrible carnage in Libya, and we could not sit back while the people were being slaughtered. He specifically stated we needed to go in on a humanitarian basis, knock out the leader, then allow the protestors to rule the country.



On February 25, 2016, during the Republican primary debate, Trump stated that we would be so much better in Ghadaffi was in charge of Libya. He also completely denied ever discussing Libya or having view for intervention in Libya.



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