Trump changes stance on wasting taxpayer money

Posted on 2017-05-13 Category:Donald Trump The Trump Administration



Before becoming President, Trump harped on Obama's vacations because of their waste of taxpayer dollars. After becoming President, Trump outpaced Obama's use of taxpayer dollars with his frequent visits to Mar a Lago.


Before becoming president, Trump was very critical of taxpayer money being spent for Obama’s vacations:


After becoming president Trump seemed to have no problem spending taxpayer money with frequent trips to Mar a Lago and paying to keep the First Lady in New York.


In his first 80 days as President, Trump has spent an estimated $21.6 million in taxpayer funded trips to his private clubs such as Mar a Lago. In comparison, conservative watchdog group Judicial Law Center estimated that Obama spent $96 million dollars in taxpayer funded trips during his eight years as President. This means at Trump’s current pace, he will surpass in one year, what Obama spent in eight years


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