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In 2003, Trump criticized Obama for keeping secret service members away from their families during Christmas. In 2017, Trump scheduled a vacation during the week of Thanksgiving, which would keep secret services members away from their family during the holiday.
Posted: 2017-11-19
Trump surrogate, Newt Gingrich, lauded the appointment of a special prosecutor Robert Mueller but then changed his position a month later.
Posted: 2017-08-18
CNN ran a fluff story about how Trump enjoys two scoops of ice cream at the White House cafeteria. Fox news host Sean Hannity mocked CNN for running this piece, even though he ran a story criticizing Obama for eating a hotdog with mustard.
Posted: 2017-08-18
In 2015, Trump took aim at Michelle Obama not wearing a head scarf in Saudi Arabia, expressing concern that she was insulting the Saudis. In 2017, Trump visited Saudi Arabia with his wife, who was not wearing a head scarf.
Posted: 2017-05-20
During his presidential campaign, Trump frequently criticized Hillary Clinton for her careless handling classified information. After becoming president, Trump carelessly handled classified information.
Posted: 2017-05-16
Trump frequently promised to call China a currency manipulator and made it a central campaign promise. He also criticized Obama heavily for not calling China out for their currency manipulation. Once he became president, Trump declined to call China a currency manipulator.
Posted: 2017-05-15
From 2011 to 2016, Trump incessantly complained about Obama’s golfing. However, since becoming president, Trump has golfed significantly more than Obama has during a similar period of time.
Posted: 2017-05-14
Trump has stated the media should not use anonymous. According to him, anytime anonymous sources are used, they are made up. However, he has frequently used anonymous sources both in the past and present.
Posted: 2017-05-13

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